Choose the model of Blackberry that suits your wireless communication needs the best

Blackberry isn't just a fun name; it's a powerful communication device. Essentially, Blackberry is a wireless information platform developed by Research In Motion (RIM). Founded in 1984, RIM is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of mobile communication technology. Powered by the latest software and hardware technology, there are numerous Blackberry models available.

The core of the Blackberry handheld devices is their ability to serve all wireless communication needs in one device. With built-in modems, users can check, reply to and forward their email from anywhere. They can pull up webpages from within their email or browse the internet with the built-in html browser. Available from nearly 100 wireless carries worldwide, using Blackberry to make and receive calls is another added convenience for users. Other Blackberry services include voice mail, call waiting, paging service, and text messaging.

Besides being a wireless communicator, Blackberry provides all the organizational benefits of a PDA. Keeping frequently called numbers at your fingertips is easy; users can simply pull up a stored number and call directly. Built-in memory makes it possible to store contacts and information in a quickly accessible fashion, and a wireless calendar makes it easy to keep and schedule appointments. Blackberry technology makes it possible to be truly mobile, as no separate phone or laptop is required to achieve complete mobile communication. Further, information stored or changed from Blackberry devices can easily be transferred to a computer.

Designed for mobile professionals, these devices are not only completely wireless and always connected, they are light weight, compact, and stylish. For personalization, a wide array of colors, styles, and accessories are available. Service capabilities and features will vary with the model. To purchase a Blackberry device or for pricing information, consult a wireless service provider. In North America, T-Mobile, Cingular, Verizon Wireless, Cincinnati Bell Wireless, and Sprint are some of the major carriers with various models available. In Canada, contact Rogers Wireless, Bell, or TELUS.