Bose Speakers for Home, Automotive, & Business Use

Bose is a name synonymous with sound and for good reason. As a world leader in audio speakers and sound systems, Bose Corporation was built on an idea that music could be reproduced with the realism of a live performance. Founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose who was a professor of electrical engineering at MIT, the company began under his extensive research in the field of sound and speaker design. The Bose Corporation introduced its first speaker system in 1968. The 901 Direct/Reflecting speaker system won international acclaim for its life-like sound reproduction, and the rest is now history.

Available worldwide for home, automotive, and business use, Bose speakers and sound systems are recognized as high quality products producing even higher quality sound. Bose Factory and Showcase Stores are located throughout the United States and sell sound solutions for video and audio components from DVD systems, home theatre systems, and stereo systems to noise reduction headphones and headsets, sound options are nearly limitless. Automotive systems are also available on several makes and models of new vehicles.

Bose also provides business solutions with their Bose professional line of sound systems. With their systems, business such as hotels, restaurants, and retailers can customize sound needs and control them from a central computer. Bose has provided sound to the Olympic games, the Sistine Chapel, and NASA space shuttles.

Musicians also respect Bose as a name that means quality. Bose delivers professional products for the stage or the recording studio. A full range of speakers, amplifiers, loud speakers, controllers, and accessories are available.

Another arena where Bose has lent their technology is to the military. To help worldwide military personnel, Bose has developed the Combat Vehicle Crewman headset and the TriPort © tactical headset. Both offer active noise-reduction and a proven increase in intelligibility.