Advanced car audio systems for the highest quality sound.

A car's audio components can in exist in one of three ways; factory installed, custom installed, and a combination of both. Factory installed means the vehicle's stereo and speakers are just as they were when it rolled off the line. Custom installation is when every factory component has been removed and replaced with after-market components. Obviously a combination of both can mean everything else.

Years ago, factory installed sound systems were very basic and even top of the line option packages weren't exciting enough for some sound buffs. Today, factory installed audio components are much more impressive. Some makes and models have touch screen monitors, 6-disc CD changers, digital sound and satellite radio as sound options.

Further, the use of sound in vehicles has changed as well. Today, it isn’t uncommon to be able to the same things in a car as you do at home. Listen to the radio, watch a movie, use the phone, or even use a computer. Because of changing lifestyles, manufacturers are constantly evolving their designs to accommodate the use of a wide variety of media. Now, headphone slots exist where there were never even speakers before.

Due to the many advances in car audio, it is becoming more common to forgo a complete custom-installed audio system and only replace certain factory parts or simply add certain after-market components. Of course if you happen to be driving a reliable vehicle without a CD player, there are plenty of professional installers available for a complete custom audio overhaul.

No matter if you have the newest model car with sublime stereo sound, or have just painfully restored a 50-year-old legend, car audio systems and components have never been more advanced. Even for the budget-minded, plenty of options exist. Consult an audio retailer/installer for ideas that will work within your plans and budget.

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