Cell Phones of all Shapes & Sizes for Everyone's Communication Needs

Cell phones today are available in nearly as many styles as there are people who use them. From the basic cell phone to the digital camera flip phone with color display, there is a phone for every style and budget. The functions of each phone vary as much as the styles. Many phones have incorporated cameras, text messaging and email capabilities in addition to some newer ones that act as a mp3 players, walkmans, and portable game systems.

Depending on a person's individual communication needs, the functions of a phone may or may not be important. Typically, there are extra fees incurred with extra features, just as with your home phone service. For example, text messaging is often an additional charge to a plan's service fees. Likewise, long distance and email may or may not be included in any one particular service plan. Individuals should evaluate the purpose and anticipate the use of a cell phone before they settle on a style of phone and service plan.

Service plans are available monthly, with or without a contract, and pre-paid or pay as you go. Again, individual users should determine their communication needs and investigate potential service plans. Many wireless companies offer free phones as an incentive to sign a contract with their company for service. Plans will vary greatly as far as coverage area, roaming charges, long distance, rollover minutes, and charge per minute.

While monthly service plans can often present the best communication value, good credit is usually required to obtain these deals along with a contract commitment. For those with less-than-perfect credit or fear of commitment, pre-paid plans are available from several sources such as Cingular Wireless who provides I-Wireless pre-paid service and TracFone Wireless, Inc., who is possibly the nation's largest independent pre-paid wireless company. A Google search for cellular plans will yield a surplus of detailed information on every type of plan and company.