Get the best quality sound from your car audio system with new custom car speakers

Stereo speakers, whether in the car, home or office, are sound devices that convert audio signals into sounds that we can hear. Sound signals are produced in a range of frequencies, and for a speaker to work well, it must reproduce the frequency without distorting the sound. For those who wish to optimize sound in their cars, they often choose to replace their car's speakers.

Typically, factory installed car speakers are placed in the dashboard and/or the doors in the front of a vehicle and inside the rear deck in the back. The average consumer is usually satisfied with a decent factory installed sound system and speakers. Yet there are many individuals with a desire to create better than average sound in their car. In other instances, overhauling an older car requires the addition or replacement of speakers. There are typically two options for installing new speakers. The first is to select to replace the speakers in their factory location. The second is to choose a custom location such as the kickpanel. Either way, unless you have experience with custom wiring, it is best to consult a professional.

Audio signals can not be properly reproduced with a single loudspeaker due to the frequency ranges. This is where both the coaxial and component speakers come in. Further, to recreate frequencies below 100Hz, subwoofers are needed. In a vehicle, all of this takes space. If you are desiring to achieve maximum sound reproduction, consider how much space you have available in your car and how much you are willing to give up for speaker installation.

If you are purchasing new speakers for your car, be sure to listen to the speakers before you buy them. For those who choose to not only hear their music, but feel it, you can't skip the subwoofer. There is a wide range of makes and models in car audio components creating an even wider range of quality and price. Before you buy, consider not only the location of your new speakers and what level of sound you hope to achieve, but also consider how long you plan to own your vehicle. It is not necessary to spend more than a car is worth to obtain good sound quality so when in doubt, consult a professional installer.