Find affordable and easy to use digital cameras

Digital cameras may never completely eradicate the use of traditional film cameras; nonetheless approximately half of the US population owns a digital camera. They are easy to use, come in all price ranges, and their versatility extends beyond traditional film cameras. While many would argue that digital images will never exceed film images in quality, technological advances continue to strive and achieve matched performance.

A digital camera works much like its traditional film counterpart with lenses that focus light to create an image. Unlike its traditional film counterpart, a digital camera records the light not on film but electronically and stores the image on either internal memory or a memory card. A computer can then read the electronic image for printing, emailing, and saving to file or disc, rather than undergoing a chemical process like in film developing.

A digital camera's final image quality depends on the resolution of the camera. Resolution is measured in pixels, which are basically colored dots. The amount of detail the camera can capture increases with the pixels. Most cameras' resolution is measured in megapixels. One megapixel equals 1,109,000 total pixels. High-end, high-resolution cameras capture images that can be enlarged and printed without compromising quality. However, lower resolution cameras work fine for simply emailing and storing pictures.

The recommended rule of thumb for a basic digital camera is at least 2 megapixels. However, if you plan to print and enlarge pictures you will definitely want something higher. As a digital image is increased in size, lower resolution images become grainy and out of focus. While the initial purchase of a high-resolution camera is more costly, it can pay for itself in quality prints over time.

One of the greatest benefits of a digital camera is the ability to use their display screen to instantly view pictures. Users can instantly delete and retake a poor picture, which immensely increases one's opportunity to capture every important moment perfectly. The bottom line is digital cameras have many benefits that even the most amateur photographer could appreciate.