Enjoy a sharper image with digital video recorders

Letting go of the past and embracing the future of video recording, it is safe to say that analog video recorders will be best laid to rest. The reason for their demise is the same as anything else, better technology. Digital video cameras are considerably less expensive than their debut over a decade ago and their quality has reached a point higher than that of analog recorders five times the cost. If you still aren't convinced it's time to replace your old camcorder, read on to explore the advantages a digital video camera has to offer.

Digital Video (DV) produces a richer, sharper image than VHS recording ever did. Making copies is easier and every copy maintains quality that mirrors the original. Further, the sound recording on DV is equal to CD quality. Digital video cameras also have stabilizing features that all but eliminate unsteady, jittery video. All of this adds up to video footage far superior to what could be obtained with even the best cameras of the past.

Besides quality, ease of use is the reason digital is the way to go. Since a digital video camera records the information in digital format, it is already compatible with the computer and transferring is quick and easy. Once the file is on the computer, editing, emailing, saving to disc and the multitude of other possible tasks are already more than halfway complete.

Even if your entire home or business is without any other digital devices, the digital video camera will be readily compatible for future television, DVD/DVR, and computer purchases. Not to mention that the mere size and weight difference between analog and digital video cameras is enough to put anyone on the road to digital. Some cameras today are small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, and all of them are at least half the size and weight of their predecessors that had to rest on a steady shoulder. When shopping for digital video cameras, look for the miniDV logo or consult a sales person to discuss the features available in your price range.