Discover the many options available for your new home audio system

Home entertainment is quickly becoming perhaps the largest segment of the electronic industry. With new technology developing regularly, the prices of gadgets and devices with yesterday's technology are falling. Most American households today have more than one TV, and at least one DVD player, game system, computer, and stereo system.

This bombardment of devices requires audio at all levels. Most devices have built-in speakers for basic translation of signals to audible sound. To go beyond basic, from music to movies and news to games, there are several ways to enhance the audio experience in the home. As home theatre systems gain rise, many prefer surround sound as an enhancement to their movie experience. Still others value music over movies and prefer to use wireless speakers to move their music where they go. Home audio experiences are as versatile as the delivery methods.

As flat panel displays become less expensive, more people opt for wall-mounted screens. The audio options in this scenario are not limited. The only truly invisible way to incorporate surround sound and a wall-mounted screen is inside the wall. Drilling into your wall to conceal all cords and wires is only wise if the selected location is most definitely permanent. This type of audio installation is best left to a professional, but another way to contend with the problem of unsightly, tangled bunches of cords and wires is to opt for wireless speakers.

Placement of separate home audio components is the prevailing factor when purchasing them. Consider things such as available power sources, ability to disguise cords, and how permanent or mobile you wish to be when using a specific entertainment device. Whether built-in, hardwired or wireless, the choices can be narrowed down by determining these factors ahead of time, along with the long-term use of each device requiring audio. Consult an electronics retailer for additional help determining what will and won't work in your home.