Find compact flat-panel LCD televisions

LCD televisions are one of two current types of flat-panel screen TVs. They are considerably more compact than standard CRT televisions and are only a few inches thick. LCD (liquid crystal display) television screens use millions of individual crystals, each responding to electrical charges that allow color and light to pass through the glass.

This type of flat-panel display is becoming more popular because of the limited amount of space it consumes. Experts claim the two biggest advantages of a LCD television versus their plasma counterpart include the LCD screen's immunity to burn and fade, which increases its life span, and their energy efficiency. LCD panels consume nearly half the power of plasma displays and likewise they do not employ noisy fans to cool the unit because they produce less heat.

There are issues that genuine television connoisseurs will want to research before buying a LCD screen. Image quality is probably foremost. LCD televisions display their incoming images in pixels. A specific model's response time for refreshing pixels is partly what affects image quality. High quality models will have a response time of 16 milliseconds. Slower response times of up to 30 milliseconds are common and the compromise in quality may only be noticed in quick changing, fast action movie sequences. While the sharpness of an image is affected by the rate of pixel refresh, super fast refresh rates can consequently compromise color, especially at an angle.

Other facets of LCD TVs to compare are brightness, contrast, and color fidelity. Besides checking the manufacturer's specifications, be sure to check that any model you may be interested in is equipped with the proper ports to support any existing equipment such as external speakers, game consoles and DVD players. Don't forget to consider not only what the model supports, but where the ports are located. If your screen is on constant display and you wish to conceal cords, be sure they can all be plugged in the back of the screen.