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Electronic parts are found on nearly everything pertaining to household appliances, electronics, and vehicles. Short of having a Masters in electronic engineering, there are few reasons to attempt to replace electronic parts in most any device. The majority of small electronic devices are battery powered. Battery replacement is as far as the average consumer should go to save something. An exception to this would be computer parts, car parts, fuses, and burnt wires.

Electronic components in many devices today are being manufactured and assembled cheaply. While this diminishes quality and life span in most cases, it also means that replacing an entire device is often just as economical as trying to replace a part. Of course, in larger, more expensive electronics such as with cars, televisions, stereos, and digital cameras, part replacement is usually the better choice.

Many distributors of electronic parts and components only sell those that can be easily replaced and commonly fail. Harder to find parts will require some searching and should begin with a repair professional. In part, this is because diagnostics are required before replacement can occur and because more damage can be done without specific knowledge of a machine. While electronic parts are not difficult to come by overall, it takes a great deal of expertise to replace them. Not to mention, when dealing with something powered by electricity, it can be dangerous to tamper with them if you are not sure of what you are doing.

Electronic retailers and online stores and distributors sell electronic parts to consumers and there are distributor catalogs for industry professionals. In some cases, manuals or books can be found with diagnostic flow charts and parts diagrams. If you are in need of an electronic part or component, contact a repair professional in your area to determine the extent of replacement.