Enjoy car stereos, CD players, home theatre components, and other electronic accessories made by Pioneer Electronics

Whether you recognize Pioneer Electronics as an Indy 500 sponsor or from the name on your car stereo system, the company is a recognizable world leader in electronic entertainment products. The Pioneer Corporation, based in Tokyo, has operated its US counterpart, Pioneer North America, Inc., from their Long Beach, California headquarters since 1972. Pioneer employs over 1,600 people worldwide.

The company manufactures products such as car stereos, CD players, home theatre components, computer drives, speakers, and headphones. North American retailers such as Best Buy, Circuit City, Rex, Wal-Mart and Sound Waves carry a gamut of Pioneer products. In addition to plasma TVs, they also sell home theatre packages that include everything required to set up a complete home theatre with surround sound.

Mobile audio is perhaps Pioneer's specialty. They carry a full line of stereos, satellite radio receivers, speakers and subwoofers for the car with certain retailers offering both purchasing and installation options. Mobile video is also an option with Pioneer's Front Seat DVD packages.

Their newest mobile innovation, Pioneer Navigation, is a system that can identify over 11 million points of interest while traveling. Equipped with XM NavTraffic tuners, Pioneer Navigation can tell drivers where the traffic is and how to detour it, as well as locate the nearest ATMs, golf courses, gas stations. To market the new product, Pioneer launched its “It Knows” campaign in early 2005 with a coast to coast tour and scheduled stops at major events and locations across the country to demonstrate Pioneer Navigation with XM NavTraffic.

In addition to their consumer products, Pioneer manufactures industrial DVD players, DVRs, and DVD Libraries for business use. They also manufacture DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD ROM drives for computers. Consumers can visit their website (Pioneer Electronics) for product information, technical support, manuals, and to request a catalogue.