Enjoy commercial-free radio with satellite radio

Satellite Radio or Digital Audio Radio Service (DARS) is an innovation that has been compared as doing for radio what cable did for television. The beginning goes back to 1992 when the FCC allocated for DARS, a portion of the S-band for nationwide radio broadcast in the United States. In 1997, Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio were awarded radio broadcast licenses.

Satellite Radio is subscriber based and is broadcast directly from satellites to ground repeaters. Subscribers are able to receive over 100 channels of digital CD quality music, news, sports, talk radio and other various channels.

In order to subscribe to Satellite Radio, there must be a receiver installed at the location where the broadcast is to be heard. There are converters available from the two subscriber companies for existing car and home use, and currently General Motors offers over 50 makes and models of new vehicles with XM Radio factory installed.

For as little as $6.99 to $14.99, subscribers are given the convenience of having their favorite music available anywhere at any time. Satellite Radio is easy to personalize as music is categorized by style such as rock, country, Latino, classical, R&B, etc. Listeners can also choose to listen to music from a specific period. For example, you can listen to only country or you can listen to only music from the '80s. Further, there is plethora of other ways to listen by choosing channels that broadcast only sporting events and news, comedy, or talk shows.

Another benefit of Satellite Radio is commercial-free listening. Other than a brief reminder every hour or so that you are "listening to XM radio", there are no interruptions of quality music.

While listeners will not receive local channels from Satellite Radio, it is possible to drive from Kalamazoo, Michigan to Orlando, Florida without ever changing the station. It eliminates the need to pack your favorite CDs for a road trip, and there will always be something on tap to suit everyone's listening mood.