Enjoy the endless possibilities of wireless speakers.

Wireless speakers are all about cutting the cord, so to speak. They operate on batteries and recreate sound signals transmitted from a receiver plugged in to whatever device you are listening to. Some wireless speakers can pick up the transmission as far away as 300 feet from the receiver.

Several scenarios might warrant the desire for wireless speakers. Imagine having only one stereo system in your home and being able to listen to music in any room, controlling the sound as necessary and achieving sound quality like you were sitting right next to the stereo. Another ideal situation for wireless speakers is outdoor entertaining. Several manufacturers have created durable, water-resistant outdoor wireless speakers for that very need.

Another possibility with wireless speakers is using your home computer as your stereo. Maybe you don't want to sit in your home office or at your corner desk while listening to music, but before wireless speakers, you couldn't very well go to another room and hear the music playing from your computer.

A large part of what makes wireless speakers so versatile is they are fully portable. Small enough in size, they can be placed on a bookshelf, table top, above a kitchen cabinet, almost anywhere out of the way. Moreover, because there is no drilling holes to run wires or no specific placement near an outlet, you can pick up and move your wireless speakers wherever you want to hear sound.

Wireless speakers can be used with TV, stereo, computer, and whatever other device you have that produces audio. The sound quality on most wireless speakers is true, with little distortion even through walls. Some units are sold as stereo speakers, including two speakers and one transmitter, while others will include the transmitter and only one speaker. Prices begin around $54.00, but most are nearer to $100 and up.